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 Discover your child's inborn talent to develop superior mental abilities

 Significantly improve your child's focus, concentration, speed, creativity, intelligence, memory, critical thinking skills and self-confidence with our world class digital assessment platform

Free of Cost Skill Building Tasks and Positive Engagement Activities

World's Best Assessments to Diagnose Core Mental and Natural Abilities

Evidence based Proven Method to Develop a Superior Mindset

Our Platforms


Positive Engagement Tasks & Activities for your child 

Nursery-Grade 2nd

Grade 3-Grade 5th




Get 1 full-year of personalized activities based on the mental abilities & learning nature of your child 

Nursery-Grade 2nd

Grade 3-Grade 8th




Digital assessment to discover mental & natural abilities of your child

Grade Nursery-2nd, 3rd-8th
and Grade 9th-12th




Student Assessment & Counseling Platform for Schools

For all grades

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School Kids

How it works

Grade 3rd-8th Students

Digital assessment is conducted in two parts:

Duration: ~60 minutes
Part A (for students): 80-100 objective questions 

Part B (for parents): 80 questions to be answered in "yes/no"

Post assessment, you get the following analysis :

  • Focus-Concentration Index

  • Intellect and Memory (Dynamic IQ) Index

  • Processing Speed Index (Decision Making Ability)

  • Creativity Acumen Index (CQ)

  • Natural Ability, Strengths and Talent 

  • Mental Efficiency and Multiple Intelligence Level

Personalized Approach

Based on the unique learning nature of a child, our platform offers personalized activities and tasks. These activities are non-academic and are exclusively designed to develop superior mental abilities of children in a systematic manner.

Positive Engagement

This structured methodology channelizes the excessive energy of children. Because of such personalized engagement, amazing results in a short span can be recorded. 

Free Activities

Activities include specially designed cognitive worksheets, engaging self-to-do tasks to be performed at home and filtered 3rd party audio-video youtube learning aids. Our platform recommends relevant books, movies and games based on the learning nature of a child.

Significant Improvement

You will experience significant enhancement in the self-confidence of a child because of improvement in his/her basic skills like reading, writing, speed, concentration and attention span.

Talent Activities and Tasks are Free of Cost, Round the Year

Our expertly crafted method is designed to adapt and accommodate different learning natures and mindsets

Give your child “The Super Advantage”of a stronger, superior mindset early in life


Why now?

It is very important to discover the hidden talent at an early age and to address learning or developmental issues in time. Early detection means that any support or interventions can start right away, giving your child the best chance to succeed and thrive in life. 

Waiting too long make these challenges harder to overcome. Acting now ensures your child gets the plan he/she needs during these crucial early years. Don't wait—early checks are essential for your child's best start in life.

Global Credentials

Our methodology, approach, scientific validity and evidence of effectiveness is presented, published and appreciated at top global forums

Presented at Reimagine Education Forum, San Francisco, USA

Appreciated at Start-up Grind Powered by Google, California, USA


Impact and effectiveness of solutions published in European Journal of Behavioral Sciences


Presented and appreciated at ICARSS London, UK


Validity and impact published in International Journal of Indian Psychology, India

Mother and Daughter Love

What parents are saying

Swati & Mayur

Most of the time working parents like us feel guilty and unsure about our own child's talent and future prospects due to lack of time. But not anymore! 5 stars to this platform for making our life anxiety free. 

Charvi Sinha

Simply Brilliant. This approach has given me a lot of clarity about my child's mindset and learning nature. I can clearly see significant improvement in the learning attitude, behavior, self-confidence and educational orientation of my son 'Saksham'.

Manish Garg

Like all parents, we wanted to have clarity and confidence right from early childhood about our child's real potential and future prospects. We got the answers.


If you are reading this review as a parent, you are at the right place. Simply subscribe to this platform. That's the biggest gift you can give to your child. We have said permanent bye - bye to tuition. Just ignite the spark within your child.

Natural Abilities